Jacket, Utility, USMC, P41, Green

Jacket, Utility, USMC, P41, Green

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The coat includes three double-stitched pockets and proudly features the Eagle Globe & Anchor on the breast pocket in the correct solid black image.  Pocket sizes and dimensions are correctly proportionate.  This logo is applied by silk screen, not an iron-on or rubber stamped image.

Features on our excellent quality USMC P41 O.D. Green HBTs include:

  • Custom woven domestically (USA) 100% cotton herringbone twill woven to match WWII era USMC specs (Not army specs).  Our fabric is robust and substantial, and will withstand abuse like the originals.

  • Fabric dyed and finished to the correct WWII era military specs in shade and fastness to UV light.

  • American made 100% cotton khaki thread matched in gauge and mercerized finish.

  • Antique Copper plated "US Marine Corps" tack buttons with antique copper double prong tacks.

  • Authentic cut and fit, inch-sized by chest or waist (not oversized).

  • Jacket pockets and collar well secured and finished with double row parallel stitching along edges, not single row stitching.

  • Carefully placed and professional quality high stitch count sewing.

  • Pants patterned after the contractor version "hidden" waistband P41 styling with hidden style pockets.

  • A reputation for the best available and best value USMC P41 HBTs on the market.

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