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World War Two Impressions, Inc.
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Government Contractor GSA #31WZ0
Ph: (562) 946-6768
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Office Hrs: 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday Pacific Time.

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The shopping cart on this web site is best experienced by clearing the cache and cookies in your browser as instructed here.

This online catalog will help make your ordering experience user friendly on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  Please use the search function above to quickly take you to the exact product you are looking for or use the "Let's Buy Something" button to peruse our product lines.  Either way I am sure you're going to like the new functions.  Please share this news with your friends.

Please be aware that all prices on this website are subject to change without notice. All customers are hereby advised to call and confirm prices if there are any questions.  For foreign currency exchange rates please check this website to confirm latest values.

When ordering in any of the following ways please advise if you have an urgent rush for the order, or have a deadline to meet.  We do not guarantee ANY delivery dates but will work diligently to meet your needs and try to accommodate your schedule.  Please let us know if your order is a gift or present such as birthday, Christmas, etc.  We normally ship in stock merchandise with one or two days, but it is not out of line to occasionally require one week to ship orders out. 

Be advised that when we refer to Credit Cards we also include debit cards known as "Visa Check Cards".  We will accept a debit card with a VISA logo on it.  When providing your Credit Card information the Billing information and Credit Card holder name MUST MATCH.  We reserve the right to not accept orders without matching CC holder and billing information. 

You can place your order in one of several ways.

  1. Order from this website.  Check each size in the pull-down menus for stock availability.  If something goes wrong with your shopping cart, you can always call us.  Any special notes or comments like deadlines or other ordering instructions can be emailed to us.  

  2. Call us with your credit card and product information to place a phone order.

  3. Email us with your customer information, product information, and your phone number and we will email you a payment link. We also accept PayPal payments.  Email us your information for us to send an invoice via email or mobile phone.

  4. Avoid using your cellular phone to order. Cell phones are not safe and broadcasting your CC number on a cell phone is inviting trouble. Dishonest people may be tuning in to your cell phone frequency. We suggest you place phone orders via regular telephones.

  5. PRODUCTS NOT IN STOCK MAY BE CHARGED ACCIDENTALLY BY THE AUTOMATED SHOPPING CART.  When this happens we will refund you as soon as possible.

  6. If an item is sold out we encourage you to click on the "Notify Me" button and provide your email address.  You will be the first to be informed when that item is restocked. 

  7. Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the customer. 

Our online shopping cart provides you with shipping service options with UPS, US Postal Service, and DHL Worldwide.  The U.S.P.S. has proven to offer the best and most reliable service for the price.  Their Priority Mail 2-3 day service to the continental U.S. with insurance is unbeatable. 

Orders can be shipped via Federal Express once the customer supplies us with a package ready label.

Sale prices are good for in-stock merchandise only, unless otherwise clearly annotated. 

All prices are subject to change without notice.

All California residents must pay 10.5% sales tax.

Methods of payment:

Paypal is accepted.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners cards, VISA debit cards. Please provide your credit card number, exp. date, name of the cardholder, and Credit Card Billing address. .

Make all money orders or checks payable to "WWII Impressions" and send it to the above address. Please be aware that all orders accompanied by a personal check will be subject to a 20 day clearing period before the order will be shipped out. If you need the merchandise in a hurry consider sending a postal money order or a Credit Card number!

When providing your Credit Card information the Billing information and Credit Card holder name MUST MATCH.  

We do not ship C.O.D.

Return Policy:

Customers have 7 days to return items if they are not 100% satisfied with their merchandise for any reason, including sizing errors. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. We fully assume the customer knows their size before ordering. Returned merchandise must be in the exact same condition as it was received by the customer. Worn or washed garments regardless of use or flaws will simply be put back in the box and returned at customer's expense.   Cotton garments do shrink and customers are hereby advised to make sure there is enough room in the garment for this before alterations are made and they are washed for the first time.

Refunds will be paid less the shipping and handling charges.  Some refunds may incur a 5% restocking fee.

we assume any order that our online system receives are final.  Customers who cancel a recent order that has not yet been shipped may incur a 5% cancellation fee. 

Please note that custom orders are non refundable.

In the event a return or exchange is necessary, please always include a letter explaining the reason for the return.  This letter should include the name the order was under, and the reason for the return.  If possible explain how the order was placed IE by phone, mail, internet, etc.  Please note that restocking fees may apply depending on costs we incur to process the refund/cancellation.

ATTENTION PLAY PRODUCTION AND FILM CUSTOMERS: Large orders for merchandise can be returned for exchange when replacements are available but they cannot be returned for a refund.  Please order exactly the items you wish to order and keep.  Call or email us with questions about fit and sizing available.

Shipping policy: (Very Important)

Please note that all orders are FOB Santa Fe Springs, CA. USA.  Meaning, that our responsibilities terminate when the package leaves our door.  If an order is lost, stolen, or damaged the customer is responsible for filing claims for losses incurred during delivery.  This is why it is very important that the customer choose a shipping courier that they are happy with and that will offer satisfactory delivery of their order.  We will help in whatever way we can to assist in any claims for losses through the U.S. Postal System, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.  On international shipments we highly recommend, and will automatically use, USPS Express Mail Service because of the speedy delivery and traceable delivery features.  We do not recommend surface mail for overseas shipments. 

A note to our international customers.

We may be able to provide international customers a better rate for smaller orders.  Orders for small items such as helmet covers, individual shirts or trousers, smaller articles of web equipment and accessories, gloves, socks, headgear, etc that would fit into a flat rate envelope may qualify for a flat rate charge with limited insurance coverage at reduced postage.  Flat rate envelopes may also be overlooked by customs for taxes and duties charges.  International customers who are interested in us shipping them smaller items are highly encouraged to contact us with their needs to see if lower shipping rates are available.

Shipments to countries outside of the United States will likely be liable for duties and taxes.  All governments collect some form of tariff or value added tax for goods shipped into their country from abroad.  The rate will vary from country to country.  We advise that international customers check with their local governments to see what duties and taxes they will be liable for.

We ship USPS Express or Priority Mail because it is the most reliable, insured, and cost effective means to ship to our valued international customers. Otherwise it is up to the customer how they wish us to ship their package. Businesses traditionally ship FOB (Freight On Board) from their location. FOB Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA is clearly posted on this web site. This legally indicates that once a package leaves our possession, the receiver, via the shipping company, is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the order. As is the case with any other company, we fully cooperate with the shipping company in order to get shipments delivered on time and to pursue claims when necessary.

Some international customers request us to “undervalue” the articles in a shipment so as to minimize inevitable duties and taxes that recipients are liable for. We do not do this because it is illegal AND very unwise. In said event of losses, the receiver (not us) is only compensated for the declared value on the customs form, not the actual value they paid.

Here is a link to the USPS claims and inquiries page


In this page please note that an inquiry for a delayed shipment can be made no sooner than three days or no more than ninety days. Once the USPS has determined that a shipment has not been delivered on time (usually a week or two passes) we will initiate a tracer where the USPS attempts to locate the package. This tracer can take up to 30 days to complete. It is usually during this tracer period that shipments mysteriously re-appear. Once the tracer is complete and the shipment is declared lost, we reship the order to the customer and we file a claim with the USPS. Compensation of a claim usually takes up to an additional 30 days to be paid which we handle ourselves.

Delays are a rare occurrence but they do happen. Express Mail has a very good track record and we stand behind this service. We have been using Express Mail for many years to the satisfaction of our customers worldwide.