Rigger's Shop

These are items that were specifically used by airborne and special operation units in the conduct of their missions.  Some of the items shown are standard contract produced equipment and some items are made in the WWII US Army Airborne "Rigger-Made" styling.  In this line we brought back to life some of the items crafted by the parachute maintenance company riggers in the US Army and Marine Corps Airborne units during WWII.  During their time these items were made because the usual channels of military supply did not accommodate the ingeniousness and creativity of the ideas brought about by necessity during military operations.  Riggers in the theater of operations had access to sewing machines and materials to fabricate just about anything to fill the needs of fighting men during their airborne operations that the army did not foresee during the buildup to WWII. 

Most of the products listed below are made on a "limited production" basis.  This means that the quantities are limited and there is no certainty as to whether items that are sold out will be restocked.  Furthermore, we invite anyone with a good idea for a rigger made item to contact us and make a suggestion.