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U.S. Government Contractor GSA #31WZ0
State of California Licensed Garment Contractor
Family owned and operated since 1992 

  The only American-based manufacturer of an entire line of museum quality WWII era U.S. military uniforms and equipment made to original specs. Unlike our competitors who continue to make their gear overseas to make more profit, we make everything right here in the United States. Sure, their stuff might be a tad cheaper, but if you want it to fit and last for years, then you’ll buy American made quality. Let us introduce you to our company...  


Juan Carlos Gonzalez,
President, WWII Impressions, Inc

   WWII Impressions was founded by Juan and Sylvia Gonzalez in 1992 making replica paratrooper uniforms. The company incorporated in 2003.  WWII Impressions is a leader known domestically and around the world with a rock solid reputation for producing the finest products in their class.  Juan Carlos has a family background in the professional sewing industry which gives him a strong edge in the garment manufacturing industry. Juan has a passion for WWII history and together with wife Sylvia offer professionalism and integrity to the world of Living History. Sylvia Gonzalez is the Co-Owner of WWII Impressions and has been instrumental in helping make WWII Impressions the success it is today. She plays an active role in company issues and is poised to help our customers with any questions. Both Juan and Sylvia are committed to delivering customer service and quality merchandise.

"I started commemorating the WWII 82nd ABN Division in Southern California in 1986 and I've been to weekend events in the sun, rain, seawater, and snow.  Being 6'3" there were few original uniforms that could be found for people like me and I started filling that need in the early 90s.  I have seen first hand how uniforms, gear, and boots can deteriorate off your back.  I know what it's like to be eagerly waiting for stuff to arrive in the mail.  I also know what it's like to be disappointed.  Our professional staff will work hard to earn your business and help to make your ordering experience a pleasant one.  We respect and value all our customers and we want you to come back again and again for all your WWII uniform and equipment needs.  We have been in business longer than most others and intend to be here for as long as there is a demand for quality American made products." Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Thank you for showing interest in our products! In quality, lies value.During these tough economic times we know that your dollar needs to be spent wisely on the uniforms and gear you need for your historical activities.  You can't afford to spend money now for a lower quality item that you will likely need to replace after only a short period of wear.  You don't want over-sized uniforms that look more like clown suits and pajamas that leave you looking like a Sad-Sack.  You need uniforms and gear that will withstand rigorous use, perform well, and make you look good and leave a lasting impression.  Professional historical interpreters need items made of such a high quality that won't fail them in front of a public audience.  Museums need display pieces that meet or exceed mil-spec quality to round out their exhibits and displays. 

We are a family owned and operated business maintaining a professional teamwork environment to produce and sell the BIGGEST selection of quality-new-made WWII era American uniforms and equipment in the world BAR NONE!  Our selection includes complete head-to-toe uniforms from the US Navy, US Army, US Army Air Force, and US Marine Corps.   Our products are UNMATCHED BY ANYONE for authenticity and durability. In almost every case, ounce for ounce, the fabrics we use in our garments out-weigh the competition's fabrics, without sacrificing authenticity, thus making our products a better value for your money.  That makes our products the best new-made uniforms you will find.

You will find that there are at least two types of replica uniform enterprises that exist today.  This is true for any business involved in supplying uniforms for historical commemorative activities in ANY time period whether it is Roman Conquest to modern contemporary conflicts.  There are those that sell products for the sake of nurturing high profits at the expense of quality/customer relations, and those that nurture customer relations and quality at the expense of high profits.  We prefer the later category.  We know that you have choices when deciding where to buy WWII era US Military uniforms and equipment.   But, not all companies conduct their business in the same way.  Some don't treat their customers with the dignity and consideration they deserve and actually flaunt their arrogant attitude as "Good For Business".  Some are downright grumpy towards their pickier customers and consider them a nuisance. We work hard to earn your business and believe in ethics in business.  Our company operates a respectful work environment which promotes teamwork and camaraderie among our valued employees. Our employees are encouraged to put forth their best effort to serve the customer's needs and keep our company working efficiently.   At WWII Impressions we believe the customer is always first and most important.  We believe in treating our customers with dignity and greet every order with respect.  Orders received by our sales associates are processed diligently in order to fill them promptly.  Our production staff takes great pride in their craftsmanship to provide you with the best quality products made to last. 

We are not in business to produce disposable garments and make a quick buck. Authenticity and accuracy using old-world methods and techniques are always considered during production.  Our products are a result of a passionate pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship working with high quality materials.  Every sewing operation is carefully thought out and every stitch is purposefully placed.  At the end of the day we know that only those products that perform well are the products that earn the high praises and customer referrals.   For an outside example of other similar domestically produced products you can review for a comparison Click Here.

"I wish I had bought from you first!" We hear this phrase from customers all the time.  On our web site you will find a refreshing contrast to the plethora of low-cost-low-quality (Cheap) reproduction products available elsewhere.  We exist to satisfy the high standards that quality and value minded historians have for the uniforms and equipment they need.  We have a loyal base of customers that are tenured in the historical programming community. They know who to buy from when they need quality uniforms and equipment that will last time and time again.  We sell WWII era mil-spec quality uniforms, not disposable costumes. We are the only company offering such a vast selection of domestically made WWII military new-made garments, gear, and footwear. 

When placing an order for garments always include accurate size measurements. Call for uniform dimensions to insure proper fitting. We are not a tailor, therefore we do not make alterations to our garments. We recommend you see your own tailor if the uniform needs altering. These uniforms are authentic in every way and are in "off the shelf" sizes. We do not guarantee they will fit anyone whose dimensions deviate from that of a typical fit soldier.

We have sold our products to thousands satisfied customers. We sell to collectors, Museums, and Reenactors.  We supply to active duty military for their streamer, change of command, and other military honors ceremonies.  Film productions have purchased our products such as The Company (HBO), Flags Of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Good German, Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line, Touched By An Angel, South Pacific, Band Of Brothers, Pearl Harbor, Windtalkers, We Were Soldiers Once and Young, Mail Call, "Combat Jump" documentary, Ike, Countdown To D-Day (Starring Tom Selleck) , SHOOT-OUT, and many more titles. Just check our film credits page.  We have also sold our products to our heroic veterans and their families, and in some cases our products were used as final attire.