Tent, Assembly, Olive Drab (No Stakes or Poles)

Tent, Assembly, Olive Drab (No Stakes or Poles)

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Description courtesy of stricly-gi.com.  Introduced in 1942. This tent is authorized for the use of Chaplains in the field, but it may also be used for the showing of Movies, for Lectures, for Storage, for Truck Maintenance, or for any other purposes authorized by the CO. It has a seating capacity of approximately FIVE HUNDRED. If used for quartering personnel, its capacity is for EIGHTY men .  The Assembly Tent is 40 feet wide, 80 feet long, and 18 feet high, it has a floor space of 2,857 square feet. It is a so-called circus tent, with a rectangular-shaped center section, and hip-roofed rounded ends. There are 2 rounded end sections, 2 center sections, and the side walls come in 4 sections; the tent does not have a sod cloth. The 3 main poles are 21 feet long, wall height is 8 feet, giving a pitch of 10 feet. The tent has 4 entrances, 4 built-in ventilators, and 4 M-1941 stoves are used to heat it. There is no fly.

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