Stake, 24 Inch, Type III

Stake, 24 Inch, Type III

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Stake, 24 Inch, Type III     Price to be updated early 2023.

Erect your tent authentically using our wood stakes.  These are solid hardwood stakes new-made by a current military contractor in the USA to military specs same as the WWII era.  Use tables below for quantities needed.  16" Foot stop stakes should be driven vertically and 24" eve line stakes should always be driven into the ground with the top tilted toward the tent.  Driving wooden stakes into the ground is best achieved by using one of these large wooden mallets or this one.   Wooden mallets help protect the wooden stake and provide the best amount of weight into each swing while reducing stake splitting.  Steel hammers will more likely split the wooden stakes.

Note: All stakes are checked for flaws, splits, etc.  Knots are NOT considered a flaw.

Tent Description Qty 16" Qty 24"
Fly, Tent, Wall, Small -- 10
Tent, Wall, Small 18 10
Fly, Tent, Wall, Large -- 14
Tent, Wall, Large 26 18
Tent, Pyramidal, M-1934 28 28
Tent, Command Post 23 8
Tent, Squad, M-1942 42 42

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