Suspenders, Field, Od, M1936 (D-Clip style)

Suspenders, Field, Od, M1936 (D-Clip style)

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For holding up Belt, Cartridge or Belt, Pistol. Also for use with the Bag, Field, Canvas, Od, M1936. This is the typical production M1936 style that incorporates D-ring clip hardware and most widely used field suspenders by officers and special troops in the Army during WWII. Commonly used by airborne, armored, and other specialized troops otherwise not issued the M-1928 Haversack. When adjusted all the way out the long shoulder strap measures 56" from tip to tip of the hooks.

Our suspenders are proudly made in our facility from the finest American made 100% cotton webbing dyed in an sun-fast authentic shade of OD#3 and durable military spec hardware.  These suspenders will last you forever.

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