Shirt, Wool, OD, EM, M37

Shirt, Wool, OD, EM, M37

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Shirt, Wool, OD, EM, M37

This is the standard issue enlisted man's shirt from the earlier campaigns of WWII.  Eventually this style of shirt was replaced by another OD flannel shirt with an open collar style called the Convertible Collar shirt (shown below).  By the Normandy invasion in the summer of 1944 the CC style shirt had replaced most of the M37 style shirts, though many M37 shirts were still being used up to the end of WWII.   The M37 shirt does retain a much sharper appearance when wearing a coat and tie due to the two-piece collar and stand and front and cuff button plaquets design.  This shirt does NOT include a gas flap.  Historically, the M37 shirt pattern was common until approximately 1943 when the Army changed to the convertible collar style thereafter.

Our OD wool shirts are soft and comfortable!  Indeed many of our customers were pleasantly surprised how our custom woven high quality 100% wool can feel so very soft to the touch.  Buttons are durable solid cast melamine and all seams are stitched with pride using 100% cotton thread.  We also include a beautifully replicated QM inspector tag.

This shirt design fits snug.  If in doubt order up one size to assure room in the body.

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