Pockets, Cargo, 101st/82nd

Pockets, Cargo, 101st/82nd

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Pockets, Cargo, 101st/82nd

These are made from the same type of creosote treated canvas as were the genuine late war airborne trousers. The set includes dark green canvas pockets, and canvas leg ties. The snaps are finished dull black. The pattern is the same sized pattern as used on the Parachute jumper trousers. 

These pockets were historically worn on the Trousers, Field, Cotton, OD or M43 pants by troopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as of the late summer of 1944.  The Army did not originally manufacture these trousers with large cargo pockets on the legs.  When the Army Quartermaster Headquarters in the European Theater of Operations received their issued allotment of M43 trousers they saw right away the need to modify them with the same style of large cargo pockets that were included with the earlier Parachute Jumper Trousers.  Troopers needed the large cargo pockets to hold the much needed additional supplies that each trooper was issued.  Someone in the Army chain of command therefore ordered that the M43 trousers be modified with the addition of large canvas cargo pockets identical in the early jumpsuit styling.  Though this was not specifically a rigger-made modification to the uniforms, the modification of the trousers with large cargo pocket was unique to strictly these airborne units.

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