Parka, Reversible, Ski (M42 2nd pattern)

Parka, Reversible, Ski (M42 2nd pattern)

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Parka, Reversible, Ski (M42 2nd pattern)

In the mountains of Italy during WWII the GIs wore this garment to help provide camouflage in either foliage or snowy conditions.  One can easily imagine how biting and frigid were the wintry mountains of Italy.  Having to battle the enemy was difficult enough, but add to that keeping warm and camouflaged was additional effort.  No other garment in the Army wardrobe was quite like the pull-over style fur trimmed reversible ski parka.

  We faithfully replicated this nostalgic garment with all the requisite details such as weather-proofed authentic cotton poplin.  The OD side was dyed with our traditional fade resistant mil-spec dye finish.  Buttons used are durable solid cast in the authentic style and well tacked in place.  The fur trimming is a faux wolf style that looks very close to real wolf as used in the original parkas.  Draw cords are included in the hood trim and skirt hem. 

The fit has ample room for layering. 
Available sizes are as follows:
Small (Up to 39" chest)
Medium (Up to 42" chest)
Large (Up to 45" chest)
X-Large (Up to 48" chest)
XX-Large (Up to 51" chest)

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