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American made gear that won't let you down!

We've been operating for over 25 years strong with extensive knowledge and experience in vintage U.S. military styles and standards.  We are the only American-based manufacturer of an entire line of the world's finest museum quality WWII era U.S. military uniforms, footwear, and equipment made in America to original specs. Unlike our competitors who continue to make their gear overseas to make more profit, we make everything right here in the United States. Making this stuff right is not rocket science.  Our high quality has been consistent throughout the years.  Sure, their stuff might be a tad cheaper, but if you want it to fit the way it was intended and last for years, then you’ll buy American made quality.

Products are sorted according to military service branch indicated in the navigation bar.  You can always search for your desired product by using the quick and handy "search" button in the above right corner of your screen.  Hover your mouse or hold your finger over pictures for descriptions of our products.  Descriptions will also be visible by adjusting the window frames slightly narrower.  We encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews of our products in the product pages.  

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter via the links at the bottom of this page.  We announce promotions and product arrivals frequently so be sure to keep up with us on our social media as well.