Fatigue "Work" Uniforms

U.S. Army Fatigue & Work Uniforms

Not all military duty was gritty or glamorous.  Some times it was downright filthy.  Soldiers were at times tasked with duties that would expose them to field conditions and/or greasy and grimy jobs.  Personnel were not encouraged to wear their regulation shirts and trousers while working so as to keep them clean.  Fatigue or work uniforms were issued for such tasks that would allow the individual to perform their duties even if it meant getting dirty.  Fatigue uniforms were designed to offer protection from any myriad of conditions in addition to being comfortable for the wearer.  It eventually became the standard lone battle attire for hot and humid conditions.  The military did such a spectacular job of impressing people with its fatigue uniforms that many of these garments remained popular for generations after WWII.  It even became surplus sold to other countries for standard issue to their militaries and revolutionaries alike.  Indeed many of both Americans and non-Americans alike loved Army fatigue uniforms.

   Our denim work uniforms are made from domestically produced 100% cotton indigo blue denim in the correct weight.  Buttons on these uniforms were replicated custom to our specs.  All materials are sewn together using 100% cotton thread in white.

   Every detail of our HBT fatigue uniforms is custom made to our specs.  Virtually nothing is commercially available thus necessitating specially ordered materials.  Our Herringbone Twill fabric is domestically woven using high quality 100% cotton yarn specially loomed to our specs into our durable Army HBT cloth.  Once it is woven we then custom dye the fabric using military spec dyes that perform just like original garments.  No need to worry about premature fading or turning colors as with our competitors.  We construct the garments using domestically spun 100% cotton thread that has been mercerized and glazed for strength.  Buttons are authentic 13-star "burst of glory" tack buttons finished in a dull black color.  We even include an authentic "wash away" contractor inspection label just like on originals.

   Indicated below is our collection of authentically constructed United States Army fatigue and work uniforms for the distinguishing enthusiast.  Every detail has been exhaustively researched and replicated to nearly duplicate the original garments.  At WWII Impressions we deliver quality, durability, and comfort.  Let our HBT fatigues be the standard attire you wear for your commemorative and memorial activities.  We will help you make our veterans proud.  You won't be disappointed.  And, when a veteran asks where you got your uniform you won't have to tell them they were made in some other country.

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