Uniform, Work, Blue-Denim, M1937

The M1937 U.S. Army Indigo-Blue-Denim Uniform was the grandfather of all HBT fatigue uniforms. When the world witnessed the aggression by the Axis powers during the late 1930s the United States had a meager military.  The budget for the Army was down a bare minimum thus research and development was put back as a low priority.  Needless to say the technology of the day had not made a significant impact on quartermaster issued supplies.  While the Axis countries had modernized their clothing needs the United States lagged behind with only slight improvements from uniform designs that spanned during the 1920s and 1930s.  Denim had been produced for military purposes starting in the late 19th century.  Since denim was such a durable and comfortable fabric the military saw no need to update the technology.  The Army did eventually replace the denim work uniform with the Herringbone Twill uniforms but what the Army didn't know was just how popular the denim styling would remain post WWII.  This uniform was also issued to prisoners-of-war and you can find original examples with the obvious "PW" still painted on the back.  It's very distinctive styling was sought after by denim enthusiasts all over the world.  Today this style is not only worn by "Americana" dreamers but also by historians and interpreters who focus on bridging history of the Civilian Conservation Corps and other "New Deal" organizations, US Army Coastal Defense parks and museums, and other Pre-WWII Army programs.  During the beginning of American involvement in the Pacific this denim work uniform was worn by Army personnel in the field.  Pictures sparsely depict some soldiers wearing this uniform during the Bataan Death March right alongside other khaki cotton summer uniforms.

Be advised, this garment is VERY COMFORTABLE.  Once you wash it a few times and wear it down, you won't want to take it off!  The denim fabric is just the right weight to make it very breathable during the summer, yet durable enough to wear in the motor pool and get dirty.  We bring you a real work garment with this uniform with a capitol "W".  We totally understand why the Army didn't feel the need to replace this garment.  It served it's purpose well though it wasn't really intended as a combat uniform. 

We make the best Blue Denim Work Uniforms available anywhere.  You don't need to pay the high prices for replicas produced in the far east.  We make them ourselves and offer them at a very competitive price.  The fabric we use is domestically American made antique style indigo denim which looks and feels like the real thing. Our M1937 shirt depicts the WWI era pull-over style with three metal "US Army" buttons and two large side opening pockets. The M1937 trousers have patch front and rear pockets, genuine solid zinc cast "USA" fly buttons, and a large adjustment strap across the rear. The uniform includes a matching denim Daisy Mae hat. These are a must for any coastal defense or other pre-WWII interpreters.  Wear them when your manning the gun pits on a coast artillery emplacement or just lounging around next to your Ford T bucket hot rod.

Be advised the denim used in these garments has a 2% shrinkage rate (IE 36" waist will shrink 0.72"). Shrinkage should be considered when sizing.