Uniform, Jumper, Parachute (Paratrooper Jumpsuit)

The Parachute Jumper Uniform was developed in 1942 by Col William Yarbrough along with the Jumper Boots and Jumper Wings insignia.  The Colonel consulted with local Georgia tailors to design a distinct and sharp looking uniform that would be worn into combat by parachute troops.  The uniform included several large capacity bellows cargo pockets in order to store extra munitions, rations, or other supplies that would be needed since troopers would deploy behind enemy lines.  It was worn by troopers throughout WWII up until it was replaced by the M43 uniform in the Fall of 1944.  During the Normandy Invasion, paratroopers wore this uniform fitted with special canvas reinforcements to critical areas for extra strength.  This uniform was only issued to paratroops whom were proud to wear it.  Many times the coat was worn during leave so as to stand out among the hordes of men wearing the standard Olive Drab service uniform.  In the post WWII era paratrooper enthusiasts and veterans continued to nostalgically don the uniform as a tribute to the fighting men that wore them. 

   Collectors and enthusiasts have termed this uniform as the M42 Paratrooper Jumpsuit.  We replicate this uniform authentically using domestically woven 100% cotton twill in the correct weight and density and dyed to a popular earthy tone shade of O.D. #3.  You don't have to tolerate your suit turning orange from sun exposure and striping from sweat stains like our competitor's suits do. The dye we use is military spec for colorfastness and resistance to the sun. We use mercerized and glazed 100% cotton thread matched for color and gauge to stitch together the garment.  A genuine brass Talon brand zipper with auto-bell slider closes the front of the coat.  Mil-spec snaps colored in a dull nickel finish and are affixed to the cuffs, collar, pockets and flaps with caps that are dull blackened.  The coat includes a cloth belt with a dull blackened metal slide buckle and cloth keeper.  The trousers include a white cotton pocket, fly, and waist band lining.  Solid cast medium brown plastic buttons are affixed for fly closure and suspender attachment.  Both garments even include authentic WWII era QM inspector labels with sizing and contract info stitched in locations as historically done in the real garments.  The Quartermaster or QM suit is our version of the standard unreinforced model; and the Overlord or OL model is our version of the canvas reinforced model as was worn by paratroopers landing in France during the Normandy invasion of the European continent, June 6 1944.   For the OL model we use actual tacky and smelly treated canvas which is the same type as used during WWII, not simply OD dyed canvas.  This canvas is stitched to elbow and knees, and to the lower coat and thigh cargo pockets, and leg tie straps.

   Whether your paying tribute to fighting men at a historical event or just strolling around town our uniforms will make you look good. This is a fighting man's uniform and your visual statement will play loud and clear of your pride in the service of those who wore it during WWII. Indeed even top designers adored the look of this uniform and you can still find pictures and magazine covers showing off its popularity.

Here are members of the US Army's 3rd US Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard"
during their Twilight Tattoo historical interpretive program wearing our
Overlord model Army paratrooper uniforms. This is the US Army's
premier ceremonial guard stationed in Wash, DC. 
They are depicting members of the WWII era 82nd Airborne Division.