Uniform, Field, M1943

The Jacket, Field, M1943 was the outer shell field or combat garment that replaced the earlier Jacket, Field, Od also known as the M41 jacket.  The Army found the M41 jacket to not be up to the task of protecting troops from colder climates.  Furthermore efforts were afoot to standardize the official combat uniform throughout the Army. 

  The army discovered just how expensive it was to produce and issue so many different types of uniforms for the regular Army, as well as airborne, mechanized, armored, and other special troops.   The M43 Field Jacket begin widespread use in the Army in the summer of 1944 worn by replacement soldiers being trained stateside, and then in the European Theater of operations in the Fall of 1944.  Since then this uniform eventually saw use by both Army and Marines at various cooler areas during WWII.  Photos can be found of GIs wearing the M43 field jacket while fighting during the frigid Battle of the Bulge, while marching all over Germany in 1945, and also by Marines wearing them in the Pacific just prior to the Japanese surrender.  This jacket also saw use by Army GIs and Marines during the Korean conflict in 1950/51.  The jacket was so successful that it was mass produced with only minor modifications as with the M1950 and M1951 field jackets.  It wasn't until the development of the M65 field jacket that this design was finally retired, and even then the M65 has many throwbacks to it's grand pappy, the M43 jacket.  Many other countries copied the M43 field jacket with slight variations during the late 1940s and 1950s.

  This uniform was specifically designed to be made from expensive densely woven windproof cotton sateen which resulted and dramatic wind-chill protection.  However, the jacket sizing was designed to allow for layering of other garments and sweaters to provide further thermal protection.  The Liner, Pile was specifically designed to be worn as a separate liner (we don't currently offer) for the M43 field jacket.  Ours is the best available replica M43 jacket on the market.  All the other replica versions lack the significance, color, weight, weave, buttons, cut, and other details of the original, except ours.  We follow original contractor specifications that we keep on file, as well as original samples in our collection. We follow the authentic period styling for fit and drape.

  This field jacket is made from 100% custom-made-to-original-spec windproof Cotton Sateen with a cotton poplin lining. We had these fabrics made for us since they are not available commercially.  The fabric was dyed using actual mil-spec dyes matched to the shade of OD#7 as seen on original M43 uniforms. We also use custom cast and colored authentic buttons.  They also include all authentic inspection labeling. and fitting label.  The cuff has the authentic gusset.  The pocketsare sized and located on the body correctly.  Sizes available chest: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54 inches.  This Jacket is authentically oversized by one or two sizes.