Trousers, Mountain

These trousers are part of the Uniform, Mountain which included a Mountain Jacket (Not available).  In the early years of WWII the Army allowed for a multitude of unique uniforms for specialized troops requiring special uniforms.  Eventually the M1943 Field Uniform would replace the mountain uniform.  Mountain and ski troops felt that a uniform characteristic of the styling of era along with practical nuances was necessary along with many unique pieces of mountain equipment.  Although developed by mountain/ski troops, special operations units like the 1st Special Service also wore them during operations behind enemy lines.

   Our mountain trousers are made the same type of windproof sateen as were the originals.  These high quality garments are exact duplicates of original mountain trousers. These are perfect for 10th Mountain Div. and 1st Special Service Force impressions. As they are new they depict that new shiny look that sateen is so famous for. They have authentic brown buttons and brass zippers, authentic fly and front pleats, cargo pockets and zippered front pockets, and black elastic ankle tapes, Complete with an authentic WWII style contractor label.  Note: Be aware that the pants run very small at the waist.