Shirt, Cotton, Khaki, M-37 Officer's

Shirt, Cotton, Khaki, M-37 Officer's

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Shirt, Cotton, Khaki, M-37 Officer's

This shirt was worn in the summer because of it's comfortable and breathable 100% cotton twill fabric that is robust and will hold a sharp crease.  It is washable and more conducive for field use than the regulation dress shirts.  This shirt is almost identical to the enlisted man's M1937 shirt but has the addition of shoulder epaulettes and squared pocket flaps.

Thread is authentically dyed 100% mercerized and glazed cotton.  Buttons are solid cast melamine in matching colors.  All wool/poly blend shirts include a satiny acetate lining in the yoke and collar stand areas for comfort.  We even include a stylish maker label.

Please be aware that our regulation dress shirt patterns run snug in the neck and you may wish to make sure there is ample neck room when ordering.  Sleeves may be long but your tailor can shorten them by taking up the sleeve at the shoulder.  Be sure to allow for shrinkage before tailoring of any kind.

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