Enlisted Man's Khaki Cotton Summer Uniforms

Stay cool in the summer while still looking quite the GI.  Troops in garrison were known to starch their khaki uniforms heavily.  Our uniforms will take the starching and create some sharp creases that will impress everyone you meet yet remain wearable and completely comfortable. This uniform saw widespread use in the Pacific Theater such as Hawaii, The Philippines, certain areas of the southern United States, as well as North Africa and the Mediterranean Theater.

     In quality lies value.  Unlike our competitors who continue to make their gear overseas to make more profit, we make everything right here in the United States.  Sure, their stuff might be a tad cheaper, but if you want it to fit and last for years, then you’ll buy American made quality.  You won't be disappointed.  We include only the finest materials in our uniforms and work them by our own talented In-House production crews. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality merchandise that all of our customers require. The only way we can do this is to keep watch over our own production crew. This cannot be accomplished when the production facility is across the border or across the ocean, and we enjoy a very loyal customer base.

     The U.S. Army Enlisted Man's Khaki Cotton Summer uniform was designed to be worn both in dress or field.  The difference between the two regulations was the wearing of either the garrison cap, or the leggings and helmet.  This page is an index of the various components of the Khaki Cotton uniform for the dress regulation.  

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