Vintage Military Denim

Denim became government issue military clothing back in the early 20th century. When denim became popularized by Levis, Lee, Wrangler, and others in the commercial market the military took note of the inherent value and quality of the rugged wear and decided to part take of this trend. As was the case with the civilian clothing the military designed a plethora of jackets, shirts, pants, hats, bags, and other utilitarian clothing and accessories for its working personnel. All of these government issued clothing items made names for themselves during their time and were affectionately sought after by military veterans and denim customers in US Government surplus stores and yard sales. Many surplus stores sold used garments with the ominous abbreviation "PW" worn by foreign prisoners of war under U.S. authority. Dungarees became the popular style worn by sailors in the Navy. The Army called their styles Denim Work Uniforms for fatigue duty. Many an Army potato peeler put his back into his work wearing his denim fatigues. Today there is an enthusiast market for U.S. military denim wear that spans the globe with examples fetching several hundred dollars for a single item. Purist collectors now seek specific styles and production flaws that were considered ancillary during their manufacture.

WWII Impressions is proud to offer accurate to-the-stitch quality new made styles that will satisfy even the most discriminating of collectors. We offer a variety of products as shown below.