United States Marine Corps 
P42 Reversible Camouflage HBT Uniform

This is a replica of the 1st pattern reversible or P42 Marine Camo uniform. Using our authentic Herringbone Twill we print the U.S. Camo pattern on both sides like the original uniform. Both the green and tan side breast pockets feature our silk screened eagle, globe, and anchor.

We also reproduced the camouflage helmet covers in both the 1st model which does not include the foliage slits, and the later model with the slits. We follow original Marine Corps specs to install foliage slits authentically.  Some historians claim that the foliage slits are a feature unique to earlier manufactured helmet covers, and the slits are typical of later dated helmet covers.  It is difficult to confirm this simply because the original specs used to manufacture the helmet covers are dated 1942 and include a section to install foliage slits.  Therefore is it possible to assume both covers with slits and without slits were used since from the beginning.  To fit helmet covers, they are to be soaked and stretched while wet on your helmet. Allow them to air dry and they will dry well fitting to the helmet.

Our USMC utilities are the only uniforms produced in the USA using fabric made in the USA.  We have competitors that offer replica uniforms made in other countries such as China, Pakistan, India, and Mexico.  We know that serious historians and veterans expect American made quality for the uniforms they will wear with pride.  Historians and veterans want to look good and feel proud, and our products will deliver satisfaction through and through.