USMC Enlisted Dress Blue Uniform

Enlisted Marine Dress Blue Uniform  This is the dress uniform worn by Enlisted grade Marines for formal or ceremonial occasions. We followed the pre-war 1926 style to base our coats with a "Plain" back instead of the wartime "Split" back.  We had 100% wool melton domestically custom woven to meet our specifications.  The coat is lined with a light-weight black cotton twill fabric for comfort and durability. The buttons used are military spec Marine corps style dress uniform buttons.  All edges on the coat have red melton wool piping.  The front of the coat has no pockets.  The trousers are made with no back pockets.  The red NCO stripe is not sewn on the trousers and is extra.

As with the rest of our dress uniform products we carefully and proudly produce these high quality and authentic products in our location, not overseas in Asia.  The sizing of our dress blue uniforms was made with military bearing in mind.  We basing our size grading from period standards not contemporary men's clothing styles.  We use high quality interlinings and hair cloths for that snappy appearance.  These uniforms are American made in our production floor to demonstrate the pride of the wearer.  Any Marine wearing this uniform can rest assured that his pride in the Corps. will show through from inside all the way out. Note that the waist area of the coat was made roomy and some tailoring may be required.

Insignia such as Eagle Globe and Anchor emblems are worn on the collar and frame cover, but are not included.  Please note we do not have rank insignia for this uniform.

Neck measurements on our coats are as follows:

C34 13"
C36 13.5"
C38 14"
C40 14.5"
C42 15"
C44 15.5"
C46 16.5"
C48 17"
C50 17.5"
C52 18"

This is a limited production item and restock is not certain.