Officer's Men's Wool Winter Uniforms

The Men's Winter Officer's Service Uniform color shading contrasted to that of the enlisted men.  This was for practical identification of officers while in a group of enlisted soldiers.  Furthermore, since officers were required to privately purchase their uniforms the fabrics that were used in their production were of a much higher quality than the fabrics used for government bought and issued enlisted uniforms.  Officer's coats were made from a beautiful high lustrous 19oz wool elastique fabric which was always dyed in a dark shade of OD #51 sometimes referred to as "Chocolate".  Trousers were made from the same high quality elastique but dyed in a shade of Drab #54 sometimes referred to as "Pink".  This contrast between chocolate and pink was also at times referred to by the veterans as "Pinks and Greens".  However, at times dress caps, shirts, trousers, and ties were produced in both OD #51 AND Drab #54 so that contrasting or matching combinations in a uniform were sometimes authorized for officers to wear based on the whim of their commanders.  Indeed many photos of officer's in dress uniform wearing a complete dress uniform with the coat, cap, shirt, and trousers all in dark OD #52.  Some officer's were authorized to wear their service coats and were give the leeway to wear a lighter weight summer tan uniform shirt under the coat.  This was done for the comfort of the wearer.  Tan shirts were part of the officer's summer uniform including caps, coats, shirts, and trousers which were made from lighter weight worsted wool fabrics in a shade of tan.  Soldiers at times referred to their summer uniforms as "Suntans".

     We offer men's officer style coats, shirts, trousers, and breeches that are worn by a nationally known university ROTC program that are nearly identical to the WWII officer's regulation.  The coats are in used condition, while some shirts and trousers are a combination of used and new made.  The fabric used in these uniforms is a 45/55% wool/polyester blend in the correct shades for the WWII era uniforms.  100% wool uniforms are very cost prohibitive at the present time and these offer a practical alternative.  These ROTC uniform items are listed in our Closeout page.