OD Serge Wool Officer's Uniform

Officers had to buy their uniforms thus the quality of the materials and craftsmanship was of a much higher level than that of enlisted men's uniforms.  Field uniforms needed to perform under harsh conditions while offering colorations that helped camouflage the officers so as not to stand out as targets to the enemy.  Officers would only stand out to their enlisted men by the rank insignia affixed to their uniforms.  Furthermore, army regulations dictated that offer's shirts were to include shoulder epaulettes as a throwback to earlier military uniform traditions.  The wearing of army issued field jackets was a very common practice by officers, though they sometimes wore privately purchased field jackets as well.  Helmets, leggings, and field service shoes were only available through army supply channels.  It is also interesting to note that some officers in rear area support units while on field training exercises were seen wearing "Pinks and greens" dress uniform shirts and trousers. 

     Our uniforms are produced to meet the same standards as the real uniforms we replicate.  Much of the fabrics used in their production are matched or custom woven and dyed to meet our specs and perform like original uniform fabrics.  The craftsmanship we employ in the production of our uniforms matches that of the real thing.  Our uniforms will stand up to the abuse of field conditions yet offer the same disciplined appearance required to gain the respect of the men officer's command.  Army bomber pilots sometimes wore their service caps or "crushers" with their leather flight jackets and field uniforms during their sorties.

     Officer's of Army Air Force were required to follow the same uniform regulations as the rest of the US Army.  Therefore, field jackets and other outer field garments worn by officer's of the regular army were also worn officer's of the Army Air Forces.

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