Khaki Cotton Officer's Uniform

Army officers needed to stay cool in their uniforms so that they could lead their troops. Comfort was of key concern for summer uniforms and this uniform performs as ordered.  This cotton uniform was typical for the officer's working uniform due to it's ease of laundering.  In contrast to the worsted tan summer uniform made from 100% wool tropical and gabardine fabric, this cotton garment was more durable and could withstand use longer in the field.  Cotton can be starched and creased making for that real crisp disciplined appearance.  This uniform saw widespread use as a dress or field uniform in the Pacific Theater such as Hawaii, The Philippines, certain areas of the southern United States, as well as North Africa and the Mediterranean Theater. 

     In lieu of the cotton summer uniforms shown on this page you will also find officer's worsted wool summer weight tan uniform dress shirts and dress trousers under our Officer's Wool Winter Uniform pages.

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