Jacket, Field, OD
(M41 Jacket)

"M1941" version of the OD Field Jacket

This is the ubiquitous cool weather garment worn by virtually all US Army enlisted and officer soldiers in the early to middle period of WWII.  The OD Field Jacket, also known as the M41 Field Jacket by collectors, saw use in every theater of operation of WWII either as a front line constant wear garment or as a rear area garrison jacket for lounging.  It was worn by soldiers while guarding the American coastlines when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in December 1941, as well as soldiers wading ashore at the Normandy invasion in June 1944.  In fact, the general concept of the OD Field Jacket spanned for years before WWII undergoing several minor changes in materials and design.   Collectors have attempted to identify the differences by token names such as M38 Jacket, Parsons jacket, M41 Jacket, etc, All throughout its use it remained known in the Army technical specifications as the OD Field Jacket. 

The OD Field Jacket was a garment designed, produced, and issued for US Army soldiers, but US Marines and US Navy Sailors also wore them whenever supply channels necessitated their issuance.  This hip length jacket was a slightly heavier windbreaker that offered nominal thermal protection and was good at keeping warm in slightly cool temperatures.  The design of this jacket was made roomy to allow for layering of thermal undergarments, woolen uniform, sweater, and scarf, if need be.  The sleeves are shaped with the correct curvature for that authentic look.  The front of the jacket closed both with a zipper and buttoned down.  Two front slash pockets are more for warming of the hands on windy days than for any real storage.  The back design of the jacket incorporated a bi-swing back which allowed for freedom of arm movement.  The photos above depict the standard widely issued model of the OD Field Jacket which had shoulder epaulets and side opening hand pockets.  This is known to collectors as the M41 Jacket.  A real sign of the quality and accuracy of a replica is the shape of the epaulets.  Other replica makers overlook this very important detail and make replica jackets with unsightly shaped epaulets.  At WWII Impressions we care about the details and our epaulets are shaped correctly. 

As stated above the fit of this jacket is very roomy and we follow the original fit.  Some of our customers have ordered down one size so that the jackets may fit more snug if so desired.  These jackets are "hip-length" meaning they are not long to the crotch.  This means if you're tall and thin you may have difficulty with the sleeves and body length.  We proudly produce our Od Field Jackets in-house with quality and authenticity in mind. 

We start with high quality 100% cotton poplin cloth custom dyed to a very popular and proper WWII era field jacket shade of O.D and treated with an authentic water repellency as were the original jackets.  The lining material is 100% wool flannel dyed in authentic shade of O.D. as used in the real jackets.  We assemble the garment using color matched OD #3 100% cotton thread.  The buttons we use are a very authentic style solid cast durable melamine with four holes and well stitched in place.  Our zipper is solid brass and will hold up to the most rigorous conditions.  Collar and upper lapels are interlined for that full bodied look. To punctuate the quality of this garment we also include a stunning recreation of the wash-away Quartermaster Inspection label denoting contract information of original jackets.  

Our OD Field Jacket would've been used on the beaches of Normandy...they're that good!  This jacket satisfies some of the most detail-discriminating WWII US Army uniform enthusiasts.  Our reputation for high quality and historical accuracy is clearly demonstrated in this garment.  This jacket will stay with you for as long as you need and serve you faithfully.