This is the standard issue enlisted men's trouser worn in both dress and field uniforms.  Indeed, officer's wore the same style and pattern of trousers with their field uniforms.  Made from 100% wool serge in the correct light shade color. The color on these trousers does NOT exactly match the coat and are historically accurate slightly lighter in contrast.  We have contracted to have our own light shade od wool trouser material custom dyed and woven to our specs in Mexico. Our wool material was dyed and finished to exhibit the same speckled appearance as original trousers. The thread used is American spun authentically finished and rugged 100% cotton thread. The outseams, inseams and seat seam are stitched with heavier thread to prevent blow-outs. Pockets are constructed exactly per original specifications.  We proudly make and sell the ONLY domestically produced US Army Light Shade wool trousers available anywhere.  These trousers will outlast many originals and are authentic in every detail.