Reservation for Boots, Parachutist, USMC

Reservation for Boots, Parachutist, USMC

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You are agreeing to prepay for a pair of Boots, Parachutist, USMC.  With this this purchase you agree to wait until the completion of production in mid March to take delivery of your order.

As a result of numerous requests, we are taking reservations for our first ever production of the iconic WWII era Marine Parachutist boot. This is an extremely rare piece of historical footwear worn by a small group of Marines during the early years of WWII. These men did not jump into combat during any large scale operations. However, these marines were blended back into regular Marine rifle companies and kept their boots and uniforms with them and wore them during fighting in WWII.  Needless to say their uniforms and footwear became highly collectible by Marine enthusiasts. Now for the first time since WWII we will factory produce these boots according to our high standards. We do not expect a high number of orders for this item and our factory requires a surcharge to compensate for it. This style of footwear will not be included in our regular line and it is doubtful we will ever make them again. If you are interested in a pair you must place a prepaid reservation now.  

Please email us at if you are interested in us making another run of the Marine Parachutist utility coats and trousers to go along with your new boots.

This shoe is made with flesh-out upper leather and custom molded high strength RAW CORDED rubber sole and heal. The shoe has no toe cap but is made in the narrow USMC style.   Available sizes shown. When in doubt about which size to order you can always select any size which is close, then provide length and width measurements in centimeters or inches of both your feet in the comments section of the shopping cart checkout and we can fit you accordingly. We try to provide minimum 1/2" clearance for your toes.