Pole, Upright, Wood, Sectional, 12'3"

Pole, Upright, Wood, Sectional, 12'3"

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This wood product is the 12'3" two-piece sectional center upright for use with the M1934 Pyramidal Tent and the M42 Large Wall Tent.  It is a two piece pole so that it may be broken down for easier transport.  On this page we offer two versions.  One is New-Made and the other is a used surplus ridge.  The New-Made deviates from military spec but the length is correct.  Used surplus upright consists of metal upper half and surplus wood lower half.

Photos show examples of the product details. Some profile measurements are slightly different from original wood equipment but overall lengths are accurate.  Species of New-Made wood on poles is Clear/Dense Grade Southern Yellow PineWood should always be treated with weatherproofing.  Metal sleeve and top cap is galvanized steel.  Spindle is mild steel.

Note: Wood stakes and poles may show slight imperfections in the grain.  Some poles may be slightly curved.  Knots are unavoidable.

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