Leggings, Canvas, Women's, Close-out

Leggings, Canvas, Women's, Close-out

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Leggings, Canvas, Women's

We are proud to introduce the canvas leggings worn by female Army personnel while serving in the field. The Army produced a special canvas legging for women such as nurses, mechanics, and clerks who worked in the field. The Army specification for these are dated 1942 and we follow them to the letter. These are shorter (11-1/4" tall) and have fewer hooks than the Leggings, Canvas, Dismounted, M1938 (For men). We make these in heavy duty cotton duck dyed in OD #3, with authentic eyelets, hooks, custom made laces, and webbing buckles and tips.  These are being closed out due to the "2" size ink stamped on out the exterior of one side of leggings.

Sizes run:  2 (minimum 15" calf) 

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