Sold Out Merchandise

We encourage customers to get on the waiting list...

   Our quality is worth waiting for.  Some items from our product line have sold out or are nearly sold out.  We regret this.  We are working hard to restock sold out merchandise but the poor economy and overseas competition has made doing so a real challenge.  As the recovering economy progresses we are keeping non-obligatory waiting lists for customers who are interested and willing to allow us to add their names until items come back in stock.  We are making plans to order more boots once the waiting lists grow large enough to merit their very high (extremely high) investment.  Our boots are the best available anywhere and they are very expensive to make.  For a very informative independent customer review of our footwear products click here.

   We highly encourage those customers who are willing to step forward and get on the waiting list for the item they desire yet is sold out.  It won't cost you a penny.  We don't charge anyone's credit card until the item is ready for shipment, unless a prepayment discount is arranged on certain items.  When you visit our web site looking to buy an item and you discover we are sold out of your size please let us know that you remain interested.  You should email us (Click here to do so) to do so.  In the comments section of the shopping cart you may also kindly indicate your willingness to be placed on the waiting list.  The waiting list is non-obligatory and anyone who gets on the waiting list can be removed at any time by contacting us and requesting to do so.  The longer the waiting list for an item grows, the easier we can develop plans to restock, and the sooner that item will become available again. 

   No one can predict with any certainty when items become available again after having sold out.  No one likes to have to wait for stock to come back in, especially long waits.  We will however be happy to provide our best estimates based on our circumstances at any given moment.  Though some items may require more time to produce than others simply because the capital investment is significant and/or low demand.  As a result of poor performance with the lesser expensive footwear competition, more and more customers are stepping forward and agreeing to wait for our next runs. 

   We want to offer the best service to our customers we possibly can.  Your cooperation will help.  Getting on a waiting list will be the best way our customers can help us overcome these challenging times and allow us to keep offering high quality products.  Customers who agreed to wait have ultimately found that our quality was well worth it.  Sometimes we offer discounts to those on waiting list so it is to your benefit to get on the waiting list whether you plan to actually buy or not.

   A few words to our footwear customers! We regret that many of our quality and popular footwear styles have sell out or are nearly sold out.  Styles are regularly being ordered and restocked as the waiting lists grow.  Please note that our footwear prices must be updated as they are restocked.  New prices for the shoes will be updated once we are ready to place an order with the factory.  Customers will also be provided with an approximate delivery date once we place our order with the factory.  We will also be keeping the web site updated about this boot delivery.  We are most confident you will be completely satisfied with your purchase once the boots arrive and you see the extraordinary quality.  Our styles are unique to our company.  Our boots have an excellent reputation for quality and durability.   

  The most important thing we can do is to remind our customers that we thank you for your loyal support and business.  It has been our experience that the initial investment in time and cost for quality products is forgotten after years and years of faithful and reliable performance.  Conversely, nothing can alleviate the aggravation and disappointment for the amount of money paid for an inferior quality product that has failed to meet your needs, sometimes in spectacular fashion. 

Our quality is worth waiting for!