Suit, One-piece, Jungle

This uniform was developed prior to the introduction of the two pc Uniform, Herringbone Twill, Camouflage.  It saw sporadic use throughout the Pacific campaigns of WWII by both Army soldiers and Marines.  It would eventually become unpopular to troops due to user unfriendliness when it came to relieve bodily functions.  It was rather cumbersome to get out of when struck with dysentery or other problems known as a case of G.I.s.  Still it has a place in history as one of the uniforms fighting men used in the jungles of the south pacific. 

   This is a one-piece coverall style of garment.  It has a front button closure with metal "burst of glory" 13 star buttons with black tacks affixing them.  There are two large breast pockets and two thigh cargo pockets.  Pockets have flaps with antique brass snap closures.  Suspenders are integrated into the garment permanently using cotton webbing with blackened metal sliders.

  Technically speaking, the fabric that WWII uniform sewing contractors used to produce either the Army or Marine Camo HBT uniforms was the same.  That's why the camo colors were identical and only the uniform styling was different.  We duplicate their efforts entirely.  Our uniforms are produced using our durable yet comfortable 100% cotton herringbone twill printed in the authentic WWII "arbor" camo spot pattern.  We use mercerized and glazed 100% cotton thread matched for color and gauge to stitch together the garment.   We use the same type of sewing machines to duplicate the stitch work of the original garments.  We even include an authentic WWII era QM inspector label with sizing and contract info stitched in location as historically done in the real garments.  Despite the shortcomings of the colorfast and fading issues on original uniforms our uniforms hold up much better under use and will last as you memorialize troops fighting the hot and humid campaigns of the WWII Pacific.