Leggings, USMC

Leggings, USMC

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These are the canvas leggings worn by Marines from just prior to WWII, to the end of fighting in WWII. These measure approximately 12-1/2" tall. We make these in heavy duty cotton duck dyed in the correct USMC mustard/khaki shade, with authentic brass eyelets, hooks, 5/8" cotton webbing, actual surplus legging buckles, and 5/8" square webbing tips. Hooks are guaranteed not to fall off.

The canvas we use is heavy duty cotton duck that is an appropriate weight for canvas leggings and won't disintegrate over your footwear. They will perform well over a long period of time so long as they are cared for just as if they were originals. The flat-fell and hem stitching construction matches the WWII style. The hardware we use meets military specs and the buckles we use are actual legging buckles that match the style used during WWII by both the Marine Corps and US Army. Sizing allows an additional inch play room. Leggings should fit snuggly, and not too loose, and worn low on the shoe in order for the strap to fit properly.

**Please visit this link at the 90th Infantry Division Preservation Group web site Leggings Article for an informative bit of knowledge on this important part of the American military uniform. This article also includes information on how this item was laced and worn. We thank the folks at the 90thIDPG for their efforts to educate historians.

Sizes run:
(Inches indicates minimum fit)
1 (13-1/2" calf)
2 (14-1/8" calf)
3 (14-7/8" calf)
4 (15-1/2" calf)
5 (16-1/8" calf)
6 (16-7/8" calf)
7 (17-1/2" calf)

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