Restocking Footwear


We are now taking prepaid reservations for our next production run of American-Made US Marine and Army footwear to arrive approximately mid March 2018. As an incentive we are offering a promotion. By prepaying for your footwear get either a $20 discount off each pair of shoes you reserve; or a free $30 valued gift pack including two pairs of OD cushion sole socks, one extra pair of shoe laces; and a 7.5 oz can of Huberd's Shoe Grease.  Choose between the free gift pack by entering "gift" in the code box during the online checkout, or the $20 discount per pair of footwear by entering "20off".  
Listed below is our 2018 pricing.

US Army Reverse Upper Service Shoes new price $239.99
US Army Russet Service Shoes new price $259.99
US Army Brown Paratrooper Boots price $219.99*
USMC Boondocker new price $259.99
One-Time Special Order USMC Parachutist Boot price $365.00

*US Army Brown Paratrooper Boots will ship in early December in time for Christmas.

Available sizes in both D (Reg) and EE (Wide) width are indicated in the drop down menu in the individual style pages.

As a result of numerous requests, we are taking reservations for our first ever production of the iconic WWII era Marine Parachutist boot. This is an extremely rare piece of historical footwear worn by a small group of Marines during the early years of WWII. These men did not jump into combat during any large scale operations. However, their uniforms and footwear became highly collectible by Marine enthusiasts. Now for the first time since WWII we will factory produce these boots according to our high standards. We do not expect a high number of orders for this item and our factory requires a surcharge to compensate for it. This style of footwear will not be included in our regular line and it is doubtful we will ever make them again. If you are interested in a pair you must place a prepaid reservation now. Price for this special edition footwear is $365.00 per pair

There will be a limited window of time to take advantage of these offers which will expire on November 19, 2017. Given the current economic and competitive climate we will not be stocking significant extra quantities of this footwear.  It will be some time before we submit another factory order. We expect to sell out quickly. The only sure way that you will get a pair of our excellent quality footwear at a very good price is to prepay and reserve your pair now. Orders will ship in the week following the arrival of the shoes in mid March.

Our boots have an excellent reputation for historical accuracy, quality and durability with many customer testimonials indicating reliable service for over ten years with normal maintenance. We are most confident you will be completely satisfied with your purchase once the boots arrive and you see the extraordinary quality. Please help us spread the word about these production runs to your family and friends on social media so they can take advantage of this opportunity as well.  These would make a great gift for any special occasion!

 With this purchase you agree to pay the amount indicated and wait until the completion of production in mid March.  Once you place your order we will keep you notified of their arrival on this page so please keep checking back. To reserve your shoes please click on the styles of footwear below.

Thank you for your business, and your patience while you wait for this excellent quality footwear to arrive.


Again, to redeem the free gift pack enter code "gift" in the box under the product listing during the online checkout, or enter code "20off" for the $20 discount off each pair. You must choose between one code or the other, not both.