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U.S. Navy Uniforms and Accessories.

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Swatches? Just ask us!

We would be happy to send out swatches (2"+/- square pieces of fabric) to anyone who wishes to inspect the quality of our materials.  Please send us a self addressed and stamped envelope to the above address and we would be happy to supply a swatch of any fabric we use in our garments.

Interesting facts about US Navy uniforms can be found here.


Navy Blue Denims

The denim fatigue uniform was worn by most navy personnel while on board ship. Our navy blue denims are replicated authentically in American produced 12oz. indigo blue cotton denim. The shirt was reproduced using 100% cotton chambray in an authentic indigo blue color.  The pattern was based from an original shirt.  Shirt includes open-top pockets, cuff placket, and two piece collar.  We reproduced the roll collar jacket, sometimes called a jumper, and dungaree pants. The trousers are cut straight leg, not as a "bell-bottom". We also sell a current regulation Dixie-cup hat to complete this outfit.

Special note:  We have restocked the US Navy dungaree trousers in sizes 28 through 50 in the single leg piece pattern with the out seam omitted, as pictured below.  The legs are roomier than in previous production runs, though the waist sizing runs very snug true to the marked size.  Order up one size when in doubt and 1-2" shrinkage room is needed.


$85.00 jacket
$92.00 pants
$15.00 Dixie-cup hat.
$96.00 Chambray Shirt.
Uniform, Utility, N-3, US Navy

This the later WWII variety Herringbone Twill utility jacket and trousers worn by Navy personnel.  The styling is nearly identical to the USMC HBT coat and trousers, with the exception of the "USN" logo on the pocket and black wreath style tack buttons.  We feature this uniform made with our very special custom woven American made 100% cotton HBT cloth and 100% cotton thread in OD.  The wreath buttons are USA made with a black finish on both the button and tack.  The "USN" is authentically ink stamped on both the upper chest pocket of the coat, and the right rear pocket of the trousers.

We will very shortly offer the match N-3 utility cap that was introduced alongside this coat and trousers.

$120.00 jacket
$120.00 pants
$TBA Cap, N-3. (Taking reservations)
Black web belt with buckle and tip. Meant to go with Navy denim pants.  We offer two styles to choose from.  One with a black open face frame and a brass smooth face.  Tip colors match the buckles chosen.Cut to size. Price $15 new for black open face style buckle.

Price $20 new brass smooth face style buckle..
Jacket, Field, N-4, US Navy

This the was the lighter weight windbreaker type of garment worn by enlisted sailors and officers.  The styling is very similar to the Army OD Field Jacket with some exceptions.  "USN" is authentically ink stamped on the chest as per originals.  The shell is water repellant 100% cotton poplin with a wool flannel lining.

Price $275.00 Jacket
For chest sizes 36 through 54


Navy Undress Whites

This is the classic "Undress-White" uniform of the sailor during WWII. These were worn by sailors alongside other sailors wearing the denim dungarees. Ours are accurately reconstructed out of American produced high quality 100% 8.5oz white cotton twill. Features on the jumper include stylish single left patch pocket, single layer collar flap with twill taped seams, twill tape loops on the front and back of neck line, and reinforced shoulder areas.  On the trousers they include single piece legs, button fly, and two front hidden pockets . We also sell a current regulation Navy white hat and neckerchief to complete this outfit. A durable uniform any sailor would be proud of.

When ordering be advised the sizing on the jumper and trousers run true to size.  Some shrinkage needs to be accounted for.  The sleeves and inseams run long but any alterations need to be done after initial washing.

$70.00 jumper
$75.00 pants
$15.00 Dixie-cup hat.

$15.00 Neckerchief (polyester).
White web belt with smooth-face brass friction buckle and tip. Meant to go with Navy white pants. Cut to size. Price $20 new.
Navy Corpsman's Bag (WWII Imp made)

Depicts "U.S.N." with Red-Cross emblem.
$60.00 each

For Ribbons, Bars, and Devices please select here.

Enlisted Navy Dress Blue Uniform  This impressive seagoing uniform is the dress uniform worn by enlisted grade sailors for formal or ceremonial occasions.  The Navy Dress Blue uniform consists of Navy Blue wool jumper, blue trousers, and dress blue hat.  For less formal occasions the basic Navy White hat was worn with the dress blue uniform instead of the dress blue hat.  The dress blue jumper is 1/4" wide white pinstriped along the cuff and collar flap, and has two embroidered white stars on the corners of the collar flap.  The cuffs have a double row of striping, although the number of stripes corresponded to the grade of the seaman.

Our trousers are made with the large 13 button flap in the front and are wide leg style.  The rear waist is accentuated with the appropriate lacing gusset.  Each leg is cut from one piece of fabric leaving no outseam and looks all the part of a real "Crackerjack".  The leg patterns are cut straight and we included no bell-bottoming tailored into the patterns.  Your tailor is more than qualified to install bells into your leg bottoms.

We also offer the matching dress blue wool flat hat with the "US Navy" tally to complete the Navy dress blue uniform.  For the Dress Blue Hats we used our excellent quality 100% wool navy blue melton, all constructed around a built up flexible cotton duck frame.  The interior of the hat is lined with black material and the hat is appropriate interlined with rigid cloths that render a very sharp appearance.  The hat includes an impressive ornamental woven style ribbon denoting "US NAVY" in authentic block letters in a correct shade of gold. 

Please note that we do not sell navy rates or other Navy insignia, nor offer the shoulder striping at the present time.  Your tailor can add or remove cuff stripes.  The following information regarding cuff stripes is noted from a popular WWII Reenactor's forum:

In World War II, enlisted personnel below petty officer third class were termed "non-rated." On the dress blue jumper, lines of white tape on the cuffs indicated the exact grade, but on white and undress blue uniforms there were no cuffs and thus no indication of rate. One stripe on the cuff indicated Seaman 3rd class, 2 stripes for 2nd class, 3 stripes for first.


Dress Blue Jumper Price
$200.00 ea.

Dress Blue Trousers Price
$160.00 ea.

Dress Blue Hat Price

$15.00 Neckerchief (polyester).

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