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U.S. Marine Corps. Pattern 1941
Herringbone Twill Coat and Trousers

This page was last updated: January 06, 2017

These are the herringbone twill uniforms that U.S. Marines wore in the Pacific campaigns of WWII from Guadalcanal through the flag raising atop Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima, all the way up to the Inchon landing during the Korean War.  Our P1941 USMC Herringbone Twill Coats and Trousers are made from our own American made custom woven material, color-fast dye finish, and copper buttons. Our fabric is the MOST authentic fabric available because it is made custom to our specs.  It is TOTALLY accurate in weave and weight.  We finish the fabric using military spec highly UV resistant dyes color matched to the authentic WWII era shade of "sea-foam" marine olive drab.  Our HBT is so authentic that even those associated with the national USMC museum cannot easily tell the difference between our fabric and original fabric. The color will last much longer with our more colorfast dye process. You will have no worries about our fabric turning white or some other color from washing or exposure to the sun.  You can "Salt them up" as much as you like.  In addition, our USMC buttons are made with an antique copper finish. Our uniforms don't look like costume grade pajamas that were hurriedly manufactured in a sweatshop with crude stitching and curvy lines.  Better material, better dye, better buttons, and high quality old-world craftsmanship are continuing to make our utilities the best in the world.   

Features on our excellent quality USMC P41 O.D. Green HBTs include:

  • Custom woven domestically (USA) 100% cotton herringbone twill woven to match WWII era USMC specs (Not army specs).  Our fabric is robust and substantial, and will withstand abuse like the originals.

  • Fabric dyed and finished to the correct WWII era military specs in shade and fastness to UV light.

  • American made 100% cotton khaki thread matched in gauge and mercerized finish.

  • Antique Copper plated "US Marine Corps" tack buttons with antique copper double prong tacks.

  • Authentic cut and fit, inch-sized by chest or waist (not oversized).

  • Jacket pockets and collar well secured and finished with double row parallel stitching along edges, not single row stitching.

  • Carefully placed and professional quality high stitch count sewing.

  • Pants patterned after the contractor version "hidden" waistband P41 styling with hidden style pockets.

  • A reputation for the best available and best value USMC P41 HBTs on the market.

  The coat includes three double-stitched pockets and proudly features the Eagle Globe & Anchor on the breast pocket in the correct solid black image.  Pocket sizes and dimensions are correctly proportionate.  This logo is applied by silk screen, not an iron-on or rubber stamped image. Our trousers feature double-stitched patch rear pockets and hidden-style front pockets, and the waist band is hidden on the inside of the trousers.  This version of trousers omits the watch pocket.  Our fatigues even include our own reproduction U.S. marine stamped buttons made from copper in an antique copper finish on both the button and tack. Top off the set with a camouflage helmet cover, Khaki "piss-cutter" garrison cap, or P44 herringbone twill cap.

Camoflauge HBT helmet coverOur helmet covers are made either with or without foliage slits.  We follow original Marine Corps specs to install foliage slits authentically.  Please specify whether or not you prefer your helmet cover with or without foliage slits.  Some historians claim that the foliage slits are a feature unique to earlier manufactured helmet covers, and the slits are typical of later dated helmet covers.  It is difficult to confirm this simply because the original specs used to manufacture the helmet covers are dated 1942 and include a section to install foliage slits.  Therefore is it possible to assume both covers with slits and without slits were used since from the beginning.  To fit helmet covers, they are to be soaked and stretched while wet on your helmet. Allow them to air dry and they will dry well fitting to the helmet.

P1944 Green Utility Covers are made from cotton Herringbone Twill and features the Eagle Globe and Anchor. The visor is lined with rigid heavy cotton duck material. A very high quality piece of headgear.  We authentically duplicate original utility covers for materials, construction, and craftsmanship. One example of this is the bill, or visor. Ours are made from authentic materials which render the bill rigid yet flexible. Also, we duplicated the original Eagle, Globe, and Anchor for a very authentic look.  Our P44 HBT caps were produced in various production runs and colors may NOT match Coats and Trousers.

P41 Herringbone Twill Uniform

$120.00 Coat

$120.00 Trousers
with hidden style front pockets only.

P41 Uniform Accessories
Typically worn in conjunction.

 Camouflage Helmet cover.
Price $25.00 
(Please specify with or without foliage slits (buttonholes).)

USMC Khaki Web trouser belt
with non-anodized brass buckle and brass tip. 
Price $25.00

Khaki "Piss-Cutter" Garrison Cap.
Does NOT include the cap EGA insignia
Price $30.00

P44 Herringbone Twill Cap (Utility cover)
Price $35.00

For a very informative independent customer review of our USMC P41 Green Utilities click here.

For footwear items that complete this uniform please check this page.

For field equipment items that go with this uniform please check this page.

Please check the care page for instructions on how to care for this garment.

Swatches? Just ask us!

We would be happy to send out swatches (2"+/- square pieces of fabric) to anyone who wishes to inspect the quality of our materials.  Please send us a self addressed and stamped envelope to the above address and we would be happy to supply a swatch of any fabric we use in our garments.


A customer going back in time!
(Courtesy J. Rosas)

Some more customers with war booty!
(Courtesy J. Rosas)

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