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Swatches? Just ask us!

We would be happy to send out swatches (2"+/- square pieces of fabric) to anyone who wishes to inspect the quality of our materials.  Please send us a self addressed and stamped envelope to the above address and we would be happy to supply a swatch of any fabric we use in our garments.


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Enlisted Marine Forest Green Winter "Piss-cutter" Garrison Cap 
This is the US Marine Corps green winter woolen garrison cap to be worn with the winter service uniform.  It was also at times worn with utilities when not wearing a helmet or utility cover.  Our caps are made from 100% wool melton dyed to the appropriate shade of Marine forest green.  Includes insignia eyelet.
$35.00 Green "Piss-Cutter" Garrison Cap.
Enlisted Marine Dress Blue Uniform  This is the dress uniform worn by Enlisted grade Marines for formal or ceremonial occasions. We followed the pre-war 1926 style to base our coats with a "Plain" back instead of the wartime "Split" back.  We had 100% wool melton domestically custom woven to meet our specifications.  The coat is lined with a light-weight black cotton twill fabric for comfort and durability. The buttons used are military spec Marine corps style dress uniform buttons.  All edges on the coat have red melton wool piping.  The front of the coat has no pockets.  The trousers are made with no back pockets.  The red NCO stripe is not sewn on the trousers and is extra.

As with the rest of our dress uniform products we carefully and proudly produce these high quality and authentic products in our location, not overseas in Asia.  The sizing of our dress blue uniforms was made with military bearing in mind.  We basing our size grading from period standards not contemporary men's clothing styles.  We use high quality interlinings and hair cloths for that snappy appearance.  These uniforms are American made in our production floor to demonstrate the pride of the wearer.  Any Marine wearing this uniform can rest assured that his pride in the Corps. will show through from inside all the way out. Note that the waist area of the coat was made roomy and some tailoring may be required.

Insignia such as Eagle Globe and Anchor emblems are worn on the collar and frame cover, but are not included.  Please note we do not have rank insignia for this uniform.

We will eventually also offer a frame cover in dark blue wool, white cotton twill, and khaki cotton twill meant to be worn with this uniform.

Neck measurements on our coats are as follows:

C34 13"
C36 13.5"
C38 14"
C40 14.5"
C42 15"
C44 15.5"
C46 16.5"
C48 17"
C50 17.5"
C52 18"

This is a limited production item and restock is not certain.


Dress Blue Coat Price

Trousers Price

Marine Khaki Cotton Uniform
This is the Summer Service uniform which at the beginning of WWII consisted of shirt, tie, trousers, belt, and hat. This uniform was the common uniform worn early in WWII by Marines stationed in the pacific at locations such as Wake Island, Pearl Harbor, Philippines, etc.  The shirts were historically made from a lightweight comfortable cotton shirting and the trousers and hat were made from durable cotton twill. 

Our shirt is accurately replicated using a 100% cotton oxford shirting that has been pre-shrunk and is color matched, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear.  It is constructed authentically with the distinctive scalloped pocket flaps, characteristic of USMC styling.  The fit is consistent with what some Marines term as a "tailored" appearance, meaning the body is tapered for an athletic build.  We use 100% cotton thread sewn with a fine needle and tightly stitched for that high quality look.  Buttons are solid cast light brown melamine with 4 holes.  All body seams were sewn double chain stitch. We also include the white cotton fabric panel behind the buttons characteristic of the WWII era summer shirts. A matching wedge-point tie made of the same shirting material is also available.  This shirt was also at times worn under the Winter Service Coat as part of the Winter Service Woolen Uniform in lieu of the mustard wool flannel shirt.  Because of the tapered athletic fit, customers with larger ads are advised to order up one size.

The trousers are made 8.5 oz khaki cotton twill in the correct shade of mustard/khaki. Thread is 100% cotton khaki and buttons are solid melamine cast tan color with 4 holes.  Construction is authentic with double needle chain stitching on the inseams and outseams.

 The Khaki garrison "Piss-Cutter" cap is made of the same khaki twill with rounded corners and insignia eyelet.

Please check the care page for instructions on how to care for this garment..

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$120.00. Shirt
$110.00 Pants
$30.00 Khaki "Piss-Cutter" Garrison Cap.
$10.00 Khaki Wedge Point Tie.
$25.00 Khaki Web Belt with USMC Brass Buckle and tip.


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