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What's new as of 07/14/2017

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We are pleased to make several announcements...

   We are on Facebook.  Please like us and stay posted.
   However, all questions and inquiries should continue to be sent to our email address

We are happy to assist you find a great gift for your loved one. Gift certificate sales are final. This gift certificate will expire 6 months from the time of purchase. We will email you a copy for you to present to the intended recipient. Send us an email and we will send you an invoice in order to pay for and receive the redemption code for your loved one to use at online checkout.  Please indicate the amount you wish to buy.

Check out our new video promotion on our home page.

Reservations are being taken for this summer's production run of our excellent quality replica rubberized raincoats.  These are hand crafted and are extremely durable for field use.  Every detail is painstakingly replicated for accuracy.  Rubberized material color is very authentic.  Fit is generous just like the originals.  To get on the priority waiting list please place your order at our raincoat page.  Please help us spread the word. 

Our M1937 and M1940 Army denim work trousers have restocked.  We start with excellent quality domestically woven denim in the correct weight, 100% cotton thread, authentic patterns and cut, and you have a historic legacy garment made to last like the originals and extremely comfortable.  There's nothing like army denim.

We have restocked a small number of our Pyramidal Tents and Small Wall Tents and Flies.  Visit our Tent page for details.

Marine Corps P41 HBT Green and P42 Camouflage coats and trousers have restocked.  USN N-3 HBT coats and trousers have also restocked.

Our USMC Boondockers are sold out but reservations are being taken for a production run in Summer 2017.  To get on the priority waiting list please email us and indicate "okay to reserve boondockers".  The more reservations we collect the sooner the delivery will occur.  Please help us spread the word about our excellent quality footwear.

Here's one for the ladies...  This is another first for WWII Impressions and for WWII women's historical interpretation everywhere! Posted hereon is the first ever replicated WWII US Army Women's Field Shoe. This style of footwear was designed as the shoe worn by Army women when serving in the field. It was typically worn with the women's leggings. The shoe is made from the same mil spec leather as the paratrooper jumper boots and russet service shoes finished in the authentic army russet shade with full length smooth texture solid molded rubber composition sole and heel. It is fully cotton drill lined authentic leather insole construction. The toe is smooth which is in contrast to the earlier style men's russet service shoe. Price and ETA will be announced as more interested parties come forward but it is expected to be slightly more than the USMC Cordovan service shoe due to special tooling required to have this style replicated.  Please help us spread the word about these unique shoes. They are made for us by the Corcoran factory to our specs right here in America. At WWII Impressions quality, authenticity, and value come together to make the world's finest footwear.  To get on the waiting list please place an online order at this page.

Shown are a few prototypes of new projects we will be adding to our already impressive product line-up. We are excited to be developing the WWII era Army Jacket, Field, Pile and the Undershirt, Winter, OD.  These exciting styles will be formally introduced into our selection shortly.  We thought we'd tease you!  If you're interested please let us know.

 The following new items have arrived: (click to enter page)

5/16/16 Bars, Overseas, Enlisted and Officer's style
4/27/16 Jacket, Field, N-4
4/21/16 Jacket, Field, OD (M38 Parson's)
4/5/16 Parka, Reversible, Ski, Fur Trimmed

The following items have recently come back in stock: (click to enter page)

5/30/17 Trousers, Work, Denim, Army (M1937 & M1940)
5/4/17 Trousers, Dungaree, Navy
4/12/17 82nd/101st ABN style cargo pockets
4/12/17 Cap, Summer, Mechanic's Type A-3
3/29/17 Trousers, Cotton, Khaki (Army)
3/17/17 Suit, Working, One-Pc, HBT, Green
2/28/17 Tent, Pyramidal, M1934
2/28/17 Tent, Wall, Small, and Fly

The following items are estimated to arrive at the given timeframe:
(Since many of our customers ask us to approximate the arrival, please be aware that these dates are not precise and we estimate the dates given based on our best available information and availability of capital and raw materials.) Anyone interested in adding their names to the waiting list for any of these items please email us:

Shoes, Field, Leather, Boondocker Summer 2017
Raincoat, Synthetic Resin Coated, OD, Dismounted Summer 2017
Uniform, Service, Summer, P1912, USMC 2017
Coat, Mackinaw, M1943 2017
Caps, Utility, Herringbone Twill, N-3, USN 2017

These future items are in early planning/production stages:

Sweater, Mechanic's
Carrier, Gas Mask, M7 (Black Rubberized)
Bag, Carrying, Rocket, M6 (Both standard and parachutist models.)
Cap, Service, Nurses in Officer's ark OD Elastique and Khaki Twill
USMC Dress Blue Frame Covers
WWII USMC Forest Green Winter Service Coats, Trousers, and Frame Covers.
US Army Officers Chocolate Dress Shirts


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