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April 26, 2016

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Now introducing an exciting new product that combines a tried and tested vintage military style with modern US Army camouflage pattern.

ACU Digital Camouflage Pattern Daisy Mae Hat

This is the WWII era Daisy Mae style hat but made using contemporary US Army ACU digital camouflage rip-stop poplin.  This hat design was first introduced in 1941 as the matching headgear for the US Army's first Herringbone Twill fatigue uniform.  The original HBT version was made from light shade cotton herringbone twill and was worn by troops throughout the WWII era especially in the jungles of the south pacific.  It is a very comfortable piece of headgear and offers good protection from the sun with its full circle brim and eyelet vents throughout.  This hat is considered by enthusiasts as the granddaddy of the jungle boonie hat.  We offer this hat in modern durable NYCO rip-stop poplin printed in the contemporary ACU digital camouflage scheme. 

Please be advised that this NYCO rip-stop poplin will shrink upon getting wet.  Please consider this when placing your order.


Updated: May 14, 2010


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Price $40.00 ea.

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