U.S. Marine Corps. Personal Field Equipment

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     For a complete description of the WWII era U.S. Marine Corps. basic uniform and equipment click here.

     During WWII the U.S. military used cotton webbing and canvas materials to produce personal equipment to be used in the field by it's personnel. The predominant color of the USMC equipment from that era was a mustard shade of khaki.  As the war progressed and by the time the USMC landed at Okinawa the USMC started issuing their gear in a similar color to the U.S. Army's light OD #3.  However, the USMC did not waste precious equipment and the use of mustard/khaki shade canvas gear continued will into the 1950s when the USMC landed at Inchon, Korea.  Many Korean nationals termed the Marines "Yellow Legs" because of the mustard/khaki shade canvas leggings.  The images below may at times not show an accurate representation of actual color shade of the item.  Our USMC equipment is reproduced with quality and durability in mind with no sacrifice for historical accuracy.

American Made!  Our socially responsible U.S. USMC Web Gear products are priced very competitively and offer the highest quality. All components are assembled and sewn in the U.S. on our own production floor. The webbing used in our gear is produced in the U.S. according to military specs, dyed to match the mustard/khaki color and UV-light fade resistant. Our 100% cotton Duck meets U.S. military specs (Not foreign specs), dyed to match the authentic colors and UV-light fade resistant. Our 100% cotton thread is matched for gauge and color. Some high stress areas were sewn using a thread that has a nylon core but wrapped by a cotton shell. All hardware is either commercially made to military spec, custom made to meet our specs, or surplus new/old stock.  Our web gear will withstand rigorous field conditions and in some cases perform better than original web gear items, without sacrificing authenticity. Some of the equipment includes the "USMC" stamped authentically inside.  When comparing us to other suppliers please remember that our products are made to last and we have a long list of satisfied customers that swear by our products.

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Bag, Clothing
Bag, Field, Canvas, Officer's, USMC Bandoleer, Ammunition, Rifle Belt, Cartridge, Rifle, USMC Belt, Pistol, M-1936, USMC
Belt, Magazine, BAR, M-1937 Carrier, Shovel, Intrenching, M-1910 Carrier, Shovel, Intrenching, M-1943 Container, Kit, Jungle, Medical,
Carrier, Pick-Mattock, Intrenching, M-1910
Case, Magazine, 5-Pocket, 30 Round Canteen and Cup Cover, Canteen
(Early Model)
Cover, Canteen
(Cross flap)
Haversack, M-1910
Haversack, MC-1941 Knapsack, MC-1941 Pocket, Magazine, Double-Web, EM,
.45 ACP
Poncho, Rubberized,
Pouch, Ammunition, Carbine/Pistol
Pouch, First aid packet, M-1910 Pouch, First aid packet, M-1912 Sheath, Canvas, Machete, 18", USMC Strap, Blanket roll Suspenders, Belt, USMC
Tent, Shelter Half Tent, Shelter Half, Camouflage Tool, Intrenching, M1910   Bag, Corpsman's, USN

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