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Shoes, Field, Leather (Boondockers)
This page was last updated: April 26, 2016

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This shoe is made with flesh-out upper leather and custom molded high strength RAW CORDED rubber sole and heal. The shoe has no toe cap but is made in the narrow USMC style.
  Available sizes shown, however most sizes are sold out.  Please check this page for information regarding sold out merchandise.  When in doubt about which size to order you can always select any size which is close, then provide length and width measurements in centimeters or inches of both your feet in the comments section of the shopping cart checkout and we can fit you accordingly.  We try to provide minimum 1/2" clearance for your toes.

Most sizes are sold out however we are taking reservations
for a new production run to arrive sometime summer 2016.  Please inquire
for current size availability.

Price $249.99 per pair. Why pay more?

Historically, all US military field shoes were issued with a can of dubbing to render the footwear waterproof and condition the leather.  The dubbing turned the shoes into their characteristic dark brown color.  To help keep your footwear lasting longer we offer Huberd's Shoe Grease,
similar the US Army GI boot dubbing issued to troops along with their footwear.

Price $10.00 each
7.5oz Can of Huberd's Shoe Grease
Leather waterproofing and conditioner

Proudly American Made!

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