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United States Army
Uniforms and Equipment

This page was last updated: February 22, 2016

     Featured on this page is an index of our complete line of United States Army uniforms for Enlisted Men, Enlisted Women, and Officer's; fatigue, dress and field uniforms.  Footwear, Insignia, and Field Equipment products are listed on other pages of our web site.  (You may click on the above words to be redirected.) 

Swatches of fabric can be mailed to anyone wishing to pre-inspect the quality of fabrics before they make a purchase.  Please send us a self addressed and stamped envelope to our address and we would be happy to supply a swatch of any fabric we use in our garments. 

     On a historical note, in the preceding years before and during WWII, the United States Army Quartermaster command maintained a philosophy in their uniform design known as Camouflage By Horizon.  This concept implied that the fabrics used in the various articles of clothing and equipment were dyed in contrasted and complimentary shades of Olive Drab or Khaki.  Various shades of olive drab or "O.D."  and khaki were numbered, as was "khaki No. 1".  Each component in an entire uniform had either a subtle or significant contrasting shades to each other.  We have generally come to know and accept that the contemporary concept of camouflage applies on an individual level.  Camouflage by horizon on the other hand described camouflage used collectively in a large group of personnel.   The theory was that the entire group with multi shaded uniforms would therefore blend into the scenery in the field of the horizon.  The concept of camouflage by horizon was applied to both dress and combat uniform designs.

For a complete description of the WWII era U.S. Army soldier's basic uniform and equipment click here.  

Check this page frequently as more items are restocked and new items introduced. 

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