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Sweater, Highneck
This page was last updated: April 26, 2016

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New to our line of high quality US Army uniforms is the Sweater, Highneck.  This garment protected our soldiers fighting both the enemy and the bitter cold of WWII in the snow blanketed trenches of the Hurtgen Forrest German countryside and the frozen tundra of the Korean War bitterly cold campaigns.  It saw widespread use throughout the U.S. Army in any theater that required a snug fitting layering sweater.  It appeared most commonly worn underneath a field jacket, overcoat, or parka. 

We proudly produce our sweaters in-house with quality and authenticity in mind.  We start with high quality 100% domestic wool yarn custom dyed to the proper WWII era shade of O.D.  Then we assemble the garment using 100% cotton thread in the appropriate shade of OD #3.  All seams are serged and coverstitched with 100% wool yarn in the covering thread.  The body and sleeves are constructed authentically with cardigan stitching with a narrow band of rack stitching and edged with a wide band of ribbed stitching for a snug fit around the waist and wrists.  The collar and yoke area constructed from a firm yet comfortable smooth jersey stitch which will keep your neck area warm when the field jacket is kept slightly unbuttoned.  The main shoulder seam is reinforced with a durable cotton binding tape for extra strength and to avoid the shoulder droop as seen on lesser quality sweaters on the market.  We use 5-each authentically styled solid cast brown four-hole buttons in the yoke to adjust for comfort with locked fly-bar keyhole buttonholes for that extra durability and all around GI look.  Our sweaters average over 2 pounds of 100% wool yarn which offers a very substantial feel to them.  They are about one quarter pound heavier than our Asian competition.

As the saying goes, "It won't get by if it ain't GI!" and our sweaters will satisfy those who yearn for that uniquely GI look.  Our patterns were thoroughly researched from original dated specifications drafted by the United States Army Quartermaster Corps. You can wear our sweaters outdoors in the bitter cold yet keep them on in warmer indoors since the knitting allows your body temperature to adjust according to your environment.  You will look snappy with our sweater wearing anything from a Jeep cap, Herringbone Twill cap, garrison cap, or a helmet.  The sizes we produced include chest sizes of 36, 40, 44, and 48.  Larger chest sizes are not available at the present time.  Our sweaters are cut right from original patterns and hug the body closely as they should, not too tight and not too loose.  They fit closely in the armpit.  The sweater pictured here is a size 40 on a chest 42 mannequin.

Price $TBA.

Proudly American Made!

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