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Raincoat, Synthetic Resin Coated, OD, Dismounted
This page was last updated: April 26, 2016

   Before the Poncho was ever introduced as raingear the raincoat was widely used by the U.S. Army. Originally these came in both mounted and dismounted versions, with many different patterns used in the construction. Our raincoat is patterned with no shoulder vents. A 100% waterproof garment for practical use. The color of the fabric and Rubberizing material is the Od shade that is lighter on the outside and dark on the inside. These raincoats are authentically made using rubber coated fabric on both sides, with seams glued and sealed together using high strength cement. The Buttons are authentic in style and color and are installed using a small button behind the material for added strength, and are shanked just like the originals. Nickel plated rivets are used on stress areas. We even include an authentic contractor inspection tag inside the front storm fly as on originals. Cuffs include authentic straps with rivet reinforcements. The pockets include the flap closures with rivet reinforcements, and also are made with the reach-through opening for access to trousers.

Be advised this is a rain protection garment only. It is meant to be worn for a brief period of time as required to stay dry. The original specimens (As is ours) were made from a thin material that will not hold up to the same conditions as fatigue and regulation uniforms were designed to withstand. However, holes and tears can be easily repaired using a good high strength contact cement and a piece of vinyl sheet backing.

Note: Some adhesive stains and touch-ups may be visible on some areas. Some parts may be glued together due to overspread of adhesive. Some pulling pieces apart using slight pressure may be needed.  The rubberized material is new and "sticky".  In order to help getting in and out of the raincoat it is advisable to wipe the interior of the shoulders and sleeves with a dry lubricant like furniture polish or talcum power.

The fit has ample room for layering. 
Available sizes are as follows:
X-Small (Up to 36" chest)
Small (Up to 39" chest)
Medium (Up to 42" chest)
Large (Up to 45" chest)
X-Large (Up to 48" chest)
XX-Large (Up to 51" chest)
XXX-Large (Up to 54" chest).

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Raincoat, Synthetic Resin Coated, OD, Dismounted
Price $199.99
We are currently sold out of raincoats but reservations are being
taken for a summer 2016 production run.  Please order hereon to get on the priority waiting list. 
The more reservations we collect the sooner the delivery will occur. 
Please help us spread the word.

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