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Suit, Working, One-Piece, Herringbone Twill
Early Type
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  Whether it was under the hood of a duce-n-half at the motor pool, under the cowling of the P-51 Mustang in the hanger, Driving a Tank in the hot sun, or whisking in the breeze while parachuting in formation, the One-pc HBT Working Suit was worn throughout the Army by many soldiers.  This garment was the standard work clothing worn by mechanics of any trade and by some special troops during training.  Even horse mounted cavalry at times trained in these.  The low hanging crotch makes this garment very easy to wear.  Combined with the durability of the HBT fabric these coveralls lasted for years.  This specific style of coverall eventually was replaced with another pattern midway during WWII in a dark shade OD #7 HBT.

This style of garment incorporated two breast pockets with openings of different configurations, two side entry hidden style front hip pockets, two rear patch pockets, one side patch tool pocket, and two side openings for access into interior garments worn underneath the suit.  It comes belted with an integral belt with stamped metal slide buckle, and 13-star Burst of Glory metal buttons affixed by black metal tacks.  Nothing more authentic exists on the market other than our replica.  You can get them dirty, work in them, tear them, make a real mechanic of yourself and you won't have to worry about ruining a piece of history.  You can even parachute in them they are so comfortable.

Accurate HBT fabric does not exist on the commercial textile market so we contracted with a domestic American fabric mill to produce the best most authentic HBT fabric available anywhere on the planet.  It is durable and hefty and wears hard just like the originals.  We dyed the fabric in the authentic sage shade of Olive Drab #5, otherwise known to collectors as "light shade".  The dyes used in dyeing the fabric are mil-spec so they are very colorfast.  The buttons are restrikes of the WWII era Burst of Glory 13-star metal buttons with black metal tacks which affix them.  Construction of the garment is accomplished with mercerized and glazed 100% cotton thread matched for gauge and dyed in the appropriate shade of OD authentic to the uniform.

Be advised the fabric used in these garments has a residual shrinkage of about 1" in the waist and chest.  Shrinkage should be considered when sizing.  These are designed to be roomy.

Suit, Working, One-Piece, Herringbone Twill
Price $200.00 ea.

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