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Cap, Service, Wool, Serge, OD
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Guard Duty never looked so good!  This sharp piece of headgear is the standard issue Enlisted Man's OD Serge Wool Service Cap mean to be worn with the enlisted man's class A dress OD Serge Wool Coat.  Army regulations dictated that this headgear was only to be worn by enlisted troops stationed within the United States.  Troops stationed outside the U.S. were to wear the Garrison Cap, AKA "Overseas Cap". 

Details include Chrome Tanned leather visor and chinstraps in the appropriate shade of Army Russet, OD 100% Wool serge fabric top dyed in the appropriate shades of OD, OD Cotton fabric lining, impermeable sweat proof top, genuine US Army spec buttons, OD ventilation eyelets on front and sides, moisture proof frame band, and rigid steel wire stiffener.

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Price $160.00 each.
Price above does not include brass EM emblem.

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Enlisted Man's Brass hat emblem
Price $12.00 each.

Proudly American Made!

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