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Brigade 2506 Camouflage Uniform

(Civilian Hunter's Camouflage shirt, trousers, cap,
and black Corcoran Jump Boots.)

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After Fidel Castro took power in Cuba during the late 50's and dictated his communist revolution a movement began within the Cuban exile community to reclaim their precious land.  In April 1961 the CIA organized the Bay of Pigs operation to land over 1500 Cuban exile volunteers armed with WWII vintage U.S. military weapons on the southern coast of Cuba on a stretch of beach known only to locals as Bahia de Cochinos, or Bay of Pigfish.  History would later title the operation as Bay of Pigs.  The freedom fighters also had tanks, trucks, ships, landing craft, and other assets to assist them for their mission.   It was a noble and heroic attempt but due to many factors including poor intelligence the landing failed and the freedom fighters were mostly taken prisoner, with many having been killed or wounded in action.  Up to now no one has made an effort to replicate the uniform worn by these brave volunteers.  Recently, we had the honor and distinct pleasure to supply these uniforms for an upcoming cable TV mini-series about the CIA, to be aired shortly. 

These garments depict the authentic civilian-made camouflage hunter's garments that were commonly available through mail order catalogs during the 50's and 60's.  These civilian garments were supplied to the Assault Brigade 2506 (Brigada Asalto 2506) volunteers for the Bay of Pigs invasion.  The original garment we based these uniforms from was the KAMO brand of garments manufactured by the Camouflage Manufacturing Company during the early sixties.   Many collectors of early American camouflage fatigues refer to these as Hunter's Camo or Duck-Hunter Camo.  Several variations existed from various manufacturers.  Our Brigade 2506 fatigues were manufactured faithfully to the specs of the original KAMO brand line garments in sturdy 100% cotton twill fabric with a colorfast camouflage scheme.  The buttons are the US Army style 13-star buttons.  In order to prevent fraud we have sewn our WWII Impressions label into the garments.

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The camouflage uniform worn by the Brigade 2506 members consisted of a hat, shirt, and trousers.

The 3-pocket style shirt includes the plain upper chest pocket with no pocket flap and two lower pockets with flaps.  The collar is an open style collar. 

We offer two style of trousers one with patch style front an rear pockets with flaps; and another with large cargo pockets with flaps.  Both styles of pants feature a zipper fly and waist adjustment tabs.

The hat worn by the brigadiers was the matching KAMO brand camouflage hat which was very similar in design to the WWII era US Army Ski cap.  Ours is made from the same sturdy 100% cotton twill as the shirt and trousers, with a durable visor.

$90.00 shirt

Size XSmall (32-34 chest)
Size Small (35-37 chest)
Size Meduim (38-40 chest)
Size Large (41-43 chest)
Size Xlarge (44-46 chest)
Size XXlarge (47-49 chest)
Size XXXLarge (50-52 chest)

$90.00 Pants

Size XSmall (25-27 waist)
Size Small (28-30 waist)
Size Meduim (31-33 waist)
Size Large (34-36 waist)
Size Xlarge (37-39 waist)
Size XXlarge (40-42 waist)
Size XXXLarge (43-45 waist)

Khaki web trouser belt with new tip and buckle. Meant for Khaki Cotton Uniform. This belt includes the smooth face (Polished brass) buckle instead of the square-frame open face buckle. We cut webbing to size adding 4" to waist size given.$15.00 ea.

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Boots, Jumper, Parachute , Black Corcoran
A welt constructed boot; blucher pattern, with bellows tongue, out side counter pocket, full tow vamp, box toe cap with leather box toe, heavy first quality bend outersole, rubber tap, and beveled rubber heal. The upper leather is best quality, heavy, solid black shade, side leather fully chromed and vegetable retanned. The boot is unlined.

These boots are special ordered from the factory and we do not stock them.  Slightly longer shipping time is required to fill these orders.

Price $175.00 Per pair

Be sure to pick a size from the pull-down box below.

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Brigada Assalto (Assault Brigade) 2506 patch.  We have accurately duplicated the patch worn by the exile volunteers on their fatigues and other uniforms. Includes both the main patch and 2506 tab. $10.00 ea.


Above are Assault Brigade members inspecting some supplies. 
They are wearing the KAMO brand fatigues with 3-pocket shirts and
two variations of trousers with cargo pockets and patch pockets.

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