Bandoleer, Ammunition, Rifle

This page was last updated: April 26, 2016

The Bandoleer, Ammunition, Rifle is a disposable quality cloth carrier for the M1 and M1903 rifle or M1 Carbine ammunition clips.  Historically, this item was issued pre-loaded with rifle ammunition clips inside of supply crates.  Rifleman were generally issued one or two bandoleers during resupply.

To download a cut-out template PDF file of the cardboard case that each M1 rifle clip
was packed in before inserting into the bandoleer Click Here
Simply print out, trace, and cut from paper chip board.
Courtesy, Doc Hoovie's Supply Chest at
Join his yahoogroup to access PDF files

$9.50 each

To order M1 Rifle clip dummies that can be used
inside the pockets of this item click this photo


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