Haversack, M-1928

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Haversack , M1928 is a field pack into which the enlisted man's individual equipment is rolled and carried when on the march.  It is provided with shoulder straps and has attaching tabs for the bayonet and entrenching tools.  The carrier, pack (which is included) is used to increase its carrying capacity when necessary to carry a full pack load.  The mess tin pouch (also included) holds the complete mess kit. 

Our version of this important piece of field equipment is replicated faithfully to the actual military specs and dimensions.  We use our quality canvas and cotton webbing in the authentic shade of OD#3.  We include the authentic "U.S." markings on both the haversack and the pack carrier.  Our hardware meets the military specs for performance.  We include a length of cotton webbing instead of the appropriate leather tab for attaching the pack carrier.  This will eventually be replaced with the authentic leather tab at a later date.

For a very informative and independent review of our M1928 Haversacks please read this page.  We are proud of the positive we earn from our customers, including those courtesy of Able Company, 5th Ranger Battalion.

Price $134.99
(3 pc set, including haversack body, pack carrier with attaching strap, and mess kit pouch.)

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