Belt, Cartridge, Dismounted, M1923

This page was last updated: April 26, 2016

A 10 pocketed belt made in 100% mil-spec custom U.S. made Cotton OD #3 web. Used to hold rifle ammunition and hang other field equipment in conjunction with suspenders. We use genuine Lift-the-dot snaps, custom made buckle clasp, custom made large flange grommets along the bottom, authentic M1903 Springfield Rifle ammo clip retaining straps with friction snap, and quality "US" stamp on front. Nobody makes cartridge belts this American!!! Ours will last just as long as the originals did with strong heavy-weight cotton thread. Eyelets are firmly installed and won't come loose. These belts will last just as long as the originals.

$97.99 each

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To order M1 Rifle clip dummies that can be used
inside the pockets of this belt click this photo

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